Flood Damage Restoration in Melbourne

Outstanding company for water damage restoration in Melbourne

Ultra Flood Damage Restoration is the name you can trust when it comes to water damage restoration and sanitarily clean carpets in Melbourne. Our specialists are licensed to perform progressive restoration strategies to ensure that your floorings and carpets will receive world-class treatment.

We can remove moulds, odour, and water stain on the day of your booking with us. Our company is accessible all day and night for an emergency same-day water damage restoration service in Melbourne. When it comes to water leakage, prompt action is a must and that is why we are here! Hire us now for an economical price only.


Greywater is composed of chemicals that come from bathrooms, laundry machines, showers, and more. The leakage of greywater can be a handful of problems, so if you are having serious greywater leakage, immediately call for emergency same-day water and flood damage restoration service in Melbourne.


This type of water is toxic because it contains fecal elements. Blackwater comes from toilets or sewage pipes. When you notice leakage of blackwater, don’t hesitate to call instant help from us. This damage needs to be mended by experts to avoid exposure from toxic and foul smell and substances.

Clean water

This water is safe that originated from sophisticated water company providers who treat and filter pathogens so as to make it safe to consume for washing and drinking.

    Commercial flooded carpet cleaning in Melbourne

    Ultra Flood Damage Restoration offers complete commercial flooded carpet cleaning in Melbourne! In terms of operating top-notch water damage restoration service, we are amongst your excellent choices.

    Our easy accessibility is what makes us one of the leading and sought-after companies in Melbourne. We constantly meet the industry’s Australian standards to achieve 100% customer satisfaction at an affordable price.

    Home flood damage carpet drying in Melbourne

    Administering a flood damage carpet drying due to unwanted water leakage is never an easy task to perform - all the more reasons to hire professionals to do the job for you!

    residential water damage restoration

    Our experts are known to accomplish first-class flood damage carpet drying in Melbourne.

    We take great pride in our satisfactory results as we eradicate all the residual water on your property efficiently without imposing damage inside your premises.

    After the water damage restoration approach, you’ll surely get back to relaxation and comfort with your family!

    Emergency wet carpet drying in Melbourne

    Due to severe water leakage caused by flooding, broken water pipes, damaged showers, laundry hose, and more, your carpets may be severely submerged into water.

    emergency water damage restoration

    Surely, if your carpets are left ignored, chances are you may not be able to save and restore its great quality. Don’t wait for this to happen and contact our experts now

    Hire our emergency wet carpet drying in Melbourne! We can restore your wet carpet and bring it back to life with the use of our ravishing updated equipment and mildly-scented organic spray treatments. Our technicians constantly work the extra mile and speedily to exceed your expectations.

    How we conduct our flood damage restoration process

    Flood damage restoration is not an easy task to perform because of the risk that must be considered before even conducting the procedure. Our specialists hold specialised knowledge to eradicate all the moisture and flooding on your floorings and carpets immediately.

    Here is how we perform water and flood damage restoration:


    This method will aid us to understand where the cause of the damage is and determine if there is specialised treatment needed to mend the impairments. The assessment process also aids to know what kind of water leakage you have - may it be blackwater, greywater, or clean water. Our specialists will create a thorough strategic plan to exterminate the water from your property.

    Water extraction

    We will remove all the water discharge from your carpets using the newest and highly functional power pumps. This material will absorb all the standing water on your premises.

    Air movers and dehumidification

    The dehumidifier contributes to removing the excess water from your surface carpets. It is portable equipment which makes the task faster and easier to conduct. Our experts will also operate air movers to improve the air circulation inside your property. This also aids in providing faster drying.

    24 hours emergency program

    Flooded carpet drying

    Your flooded carpets surely endure more damage than we ever know, which is why we will check every inch and corner of your carpets for moisture and residue water.


    We will closely monitor the progress and drying process of your carpets. In case your rugs are submerged into a profound amount of water, we will elevate your carpets and check the underlay. Our specialists will take all the remaining water to avoid mould germination and staining of carpets underneath.

    Complete sanitising solution

    Our experts will use a sanitising solution that is proven environmentally-friendly and safe for all age groups. Sanitising your carpets and the atmosphere will help combat bacterial and mildew development.

    same day water damage restoration

    Hot water steam carpet cleaning

    The carpet steam cleaning method will be able to refurbish not only your carpets but your property as well. Steaming your carpets will help us restore its beauty and grandeur quality.

    Odour treatment

    This step is applied to optional cases. When your carpets or floorings suffer from critical water leakage, chances are foul odour may set off that is undeniably uncomfortable to smell. Therefore, we will sprinkle some odour-eradicating solutions to remove all unwanted aroma in your room.

    Final checkup

    This last step is to ensure that no leakage will ever occur in the future again. We will test the system if the water is flowing smoothly with no outflow. Our experts will additionally provide some helpful tips to prevent the recurrence of hazardous flooding.

    ultra flood restoration

    24/7 accessible same-day emergency water damage restoration in Melbourne

    We understand that water damage needs immediate action, which is why we offer punctual same-day emergency water and flood damage restoration in Melbourne. We have all that it takes to revive and restore your floorings and carpets with the use of brand new equipment and organic solutions!

    flooded carpet drying

    What you get from hiring Ultra Flood Damage Restoration Melbourne

    • Speedy same-day emergency water and flood damage restoration
    • Licensed and competent professionals
    • Affordable services
    • Offers greywater, blackwater, and clean water damage restoration
    • Thorough water stain restoration

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our service is affordable. To get a free no-obligation quote, call us now!

    Yes, we do. After you book your appointment with us, our team of professionals will go straight to your residence within an hour.

    Yes, it is. You have to move your furniture before we arrive to prevent it from secondary damage.

    Yes, Ultra Flood Restoration company is open during holidays and weekends. We have a dedicated team assigned during those days in case you need our flood damage restoration service.

    Yes, we do. We offer same-day services for your wet carpet drying and cleaning needs. Our affordable same-day services can guarantee you an efficient result. Within one hour after your booking is confirmed, we will go straight to your place and rectify your water damaged property.